Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Probably Your Funniest Zombie Nightmare

What if one day you suddenly find yourself in the company of your worst (actually funniest) zombie nightmare? And this because you got too careless about accepting friends on Facebook! And much worse is, you're the prettiest girl in your high school!

Wild stuff that won't happen to you? Well, that was what Ciara also thought. But one day it happened! And the lesson she wouldn't forget from this adventure was--never get too careless about accepting friends on FB!

Ingat-ingat lang pag me time!

This is my first English mystery-adventure e-book! It's titled "The Facebook Post Mystery Adventure." I'm Jaden Mero, an associate blogger on Expert Builder Blog together with other bloggers making up that site. And I'm also an associate blogger for MTrackers--a mystery-detective fiction with location in Project 8, QC. Different authors write about MTrackers and this e-book is my first.

And yes, you might unknowingly add a friend who's a zombie or something similar. The profile pic looks cute but when you meet the guy face-to-face, it's like watching The Walking Dead. So, never "eyeball" a stranger from FB. What happens if you do? Well, this e-book may give you a good idea. Ciara actually went on a long, adventurous and dangerous trip out of Manila just to solve the Facebook post mystery.

Imagine a pretty high school girl out in the dark hillsides of a far-away province in the Philippines, alone, trying to figure out zombies and other dangerous creatures--with so much fun and laughter--all because of one FB mistake! What would happen to her? Would she finally be eaten alive or infected with the virus and spread it everywhere?

Para malaman mo buong kwento, kumuha ka na ng PDF copy mo ng e-book now! Simply click on this link and buy via Paypal. Pagka bayad mo, dadalhin ka agad ng Paypal sa Expert Builder Blog namin para click yung download link!

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